“I am a big fan of a therapeutic massage and have gone to many. I met Myra at a local event and decided to give her a try. She was superior to anyone I have ever seen. Completely solved my problem. NO MORE PAIN. 2. I have been suggesting massage to my husband for years…almost 10 and he was against it. He was in so much pain the other day, I insisted that he see Myra. He went and said tonight, ‘I am converted! What was I waiting for!!!’ She totally made him at ease and he is moving his neck around like he never has before. Thank you!!! Yey! Don’t wait, don’t think about it, just go. She’s a pro!”
Chris – 2016

“Myra is the best massage therapist ever! She has done wonders on my neck and back. Would never go to anyone else! She also truly cares about her patients and their wellness.”
Kayla – 2015

“I’ve been going to see Myra since she first began her massage practice. She has amazing energy and is extremely talented when it comes to getting my muscles to move. I don’t know what my body would do without her.”
Anne – 2015

“Best hands in the business! An amazing woman all around.”
Bryce – 2014

“I’ve been to many massage therapist but none have been as good as Myra Wang. Her massages are not just relaxing but also therapeutic. I highly recommend her.”
Natalie – 2011